Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:40pm

When I close My Eyes at Night

I can see the generational sprays

of light

in My Field of Vision

Which is spherical

& ever-moving


The Hawk Portico 4:22pm

On one of these rare days

in early Fall

so still

I’ve decided to stay

on The Hawk

instead of driving to Barrington

for a walk

on The Trail

while Hunter rows —

I cannot miss

this outdoor treat

of sitting in My Red Deck Chair

with My Front Door open

to The Sounds of My Daughter

readying in the kitchen

for tonight’s drive

back to


What Is The Meaning Of Life?

The Hawk Deck 11:22am

Take away The Question

what do You have

That Which Is

all around You

in front of Your Blazing Eyes

at the touch of Your Sticky Fingers

at the smell of Your Pristine Nose

at the lure of Your Thankful Ears

at the taste of Your Capable Tongue

The Meaning is in Your Voice

in Your Gesture

in Your Mind


The Hawk Deck 10:45am

How Ironic, My Private Gold

— I wrote Gold! —

told Me I am A Star

“so go to sleep”

— She told Me

to go To Sleep!

while here now I am waiting


to see The World