Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Tomato-coloured Couch 9:30pm

When I was a student at Cooper Union

I tried to have an affair

with The President

He gave no response to My Stream of hand-delivered letters

but once gave Me a small kiss

as I stepped on His Foot

After I graduated

I gave Him a pair of hand-knitted socks

for His Cold Feet

By the time His Presidency was nearly over

I was on My way to Nova Scotia

to get properly married

I went to His Office

one last time

He said, “I still have Those Socks –”

I said, “Now You don’t need Them –”


“Because Now It’s Spring!”


The Hawk Kitchen 7:13pm

There’s something so satisfying

about letting A Fly out

a sliding glass door —

It’s as if all Your Problems

go along with It

& You can stand back

& look at The Sky

in Its sunset-hued pink

& think There Is No Better



The Hawk Portico 3:10pm

That Little Man was not any part

of My Magnificent Shower Of Silver Lights

March 31st 1993

He came later

October 22nd 1993

Can I cancel Him out now

twenty years since

He caressed My Arms

in silence

upon My Conveyance






Suddenly I drew in My Breath

but when I exhaled

was He Gone?


The Hawk Portico 2:15pm

The Insect World

IS This World

How I love Their hovering —

They can spy on Me

all They want

as I spy on Them

with Their iridescence

Their cellophane wings

or if They crawl

Their multitudinous legs

They’re the only Aliens

We need