Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2013

The Wind Has Not Been In The Habit Of Dropping As Of Late*

The Hawk Kitchen 10:11pm

Out on My Deck

I drink in The Inspiration

of The Morning

with a North West Wind

at My Back

& coffee steeping

on The Counter inside

where My New Lettered Glass

lures Me to It’s Self

*quote from WHB


The Hawk Kitchen 7:50pm

I have drunk My First Beverage


from My Chalice Divine

standing before My Dramatic Sky

of heavy mauve cloud

& Illuminated Gull

reaching around

to the sea-view


The Hawk Living Room 6:30pm

note: refer back to poem titled “Candle Holder”

I bought My Chalice today

in Yarmouth

It is a Candle Holder

It is frosted

It says in black “Life

is not measured by

the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments

which take our breath away.”

I bought It at Wall * Mart

I could drink Scotch out of It


The Hawk Living Room 1:45pm

I am sitting in a beam of sun

in a velvet chair

anything can happen here

in My Mind

any thought can be unleashed

with or without choice:

How do I know

I am deliberately


the total lack

of sun

in The Yarmouth Psychiatric Unit?


The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:00pm

My Mother told Me I couldn’t carry a tune

so She put Me in a crinkly black tutu

& expected Me to dance

I was the clumsy conundrum

My Teachers couldn’t figure out

I was Cinderella in French

& Teacher’s Pet in Junior High Science

I didn’t like High School

with One Peculiar Friend

Who wanted to get high

at lunch

My Mother put Me into Her College —

a small liberal arts school in up state New York

where I took all the art I could get

& transferred into Cooper Union in New York City

After graduating I decided

to paint the most visible roof in the world:

#5 World Trade Center

& was given permission by The Port Authority of NY & NJ

In 1984 I signed My Name

to the ten-thousand square-foot canvas

in three-foot high letters

I wore a crinkly black skirt

filmed by German Television

& three decades later

Self Organizing Galaxy

is on You Tube



The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:43 pm

Should I feel guilty eating

a steak sandwich in front

of My Nearly Vegan Daughter

Who exploded into tears

when I told Her

She didn’t have to go to University

to learn Sociology?


The Hawk West Desk Window 4:44pm

I am in search of a Chalice

a heavy tubular drinking vessel

preferably frosted, to be pushed repeatedly

at My Fridge Water Dispenser

— I looked in Barrington today

in The Salvation Army Thrift Store

3 Bargain Stores

& Shopper’s Drug Mart

but nothing caught My Eye


My Fist


The Hawk West Desk Window 8:30pm

I am married to a Very Important Person:

a Man with Whom People confer

telling Their deepest concerns

seeking guidance

medical attention

& moral advice

He’s been in This Position

for fifty years

& probably will be

for The Rest of His Life


Barrington Passage, NS 2:22pm

I’m sitting in a Doctor’s Office

One of The Safest Places

in The World

or is It?

Here I am given a little green pill

to ward off anxiety

about The World at Large

I have had My Talk

& My Walk

but continue to feel

a shadow

of uneasiness


The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:38pm

I slept ’till noon

to make up for nightly sleep-deprivation

& got out of bed @ 2:00 this afternoon

to make up for a wasted day

of gathering together the garbage

for garbage day tomorrow

I got showered and dressed

to be presentable for Eliza’s boyfriend

& sat on the portico

to talk on the phone

to an artist friend near Chicago

when above My Front Yard

flew The Graceful Long-legged Heron

slowly traversing the air

above My House

& the heaviness of bed-lying

was long gone