Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2013


The Tomato-coloured Couch 9:21pm

I wonder if I can wring out

a poem about A Sky

I didn’t see

Oh — I saw The Front of It

with Its opulent Gold

hiding the sun —

but the back of It went uninspected

& only later to be imagined

with Its pale pinks, lavender

& clouds of thinning Silver


The Hawk Corner Room 4:33pm

My Daughter, You Are Spectacular

the way I dreamt You up

to be capable of anything

with the nerve & the looks

to go with Your Infinite Abilities

You Can Do Anything

as I imagined when I saw You

in April of 1993

when I wanted A Baby Girl

A Beautiful Daughter —

not even as a compliment to My Son —

A Daughter to stand on Her Own

ready to Wow The World

now at eighteen

with Your tears of disproportion

about Your Idealized Body

Your Perfectly White Smile

and All Your Talents —

shall I list A Few?

After All, I Am Your Mother

& I Will Tell The World:

She Can Sing, Write, Act

Ride A Horse, Sail (Racing)

Bake, Cook, Organize

Play The Piano, Guitar, Saxophone —

She Can Make Money

& Raise It —

She Can Travel Solo

& Paint —

I Am Her Mother

I Made Her

And I Will Not Apologise

for Any of Eliza



The Hawk Queen Bed 8:48am

Rise Up from Your Beds

Eat Your Eggs & Ham

Dress Outlandishly

for The Church of Your Choosing

& If You Choose None

Be Robed or Naked

in Your Own Home


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:06pm

I hear the wind howling

how can I tell The World

“I Am The Second Coming Of Christ?”

WRITE IT, It Howls

through the electrical lines

across the shore line —

Black Jesus & The Silver Christ

They are My Friends

maybe more complicated

than Your Basic 2nd Coming

but I can explain Them —

I can explain It All

in terms of The Expression

of Humanity gone

to Its Farthest Reach —

The Reach To God

within The Self

— as The Self


The Hawk Dining Room 1:30pm

When I happen to see A Single Wave

breaking outside My Dining Room Window

can It possibly know

The Impact is has upon Me

even for The Day?


The Hawk West Desk Window 10:22am

I Am In The Shower

I Will Never Get Out

Should The Time Come To Towel My Self Off

The Glittering Droplets

Will Stay —

I Will Yell Forever More:

“Oh My God, Oh My God



The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:00pm

As I open My iridescent purple journal

printed with jewels

I have come to this place

where I am happy, fulfilled, & satisfied

despite the contradictory phraseology

pronounced severely over ten years ago

by My Psychiatrist (one of fourteen)

when I was insisting

I was The Second Coming of Christ:

“Joanna, You have so much going for You —

You’re intelligent, talented, beautiful

& This Idea is Wrecking Your Life.”

Then, less than two weeks later

from My Doctor Who became My Second Husband:

“–Joanna, You’re intelligent, talented, beautiful

You have so much going for You

I don’t see why you cling to This Idea –”

but cling to It I did

for twenty years now

& look where It has gotten Me


The Hawk Window Seat 10:00am

This morning I told The Carpenters

“I have a Sleep Disorder — that’s why

I’m always in My Bathrobe –”

It’s true, It’s not a lie

or an exaggeration

I have to get My Eight Hours


or I’m



The Hawk Queen Bed 8:00am

When I left My Children’s Father

fourteen years ago in June

I left My Clothes in Atlantic

I left The Pets

I left My Share of The Atlantic House

I left money in a joint bank account

I left two enormous pieces of furniture

The Secretary & High Boy inherited from The Woman I was named after —

I left Them in The Divorce Papers for Peak & Eliza

I had to leave My Kids

because I couldn’t take care of Them


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:15pm

We are driven on a cellular level

snaking our way in vehicular shells

out of Our Homes over The Highways

to restaurants & shopping centres

where the precious sight

of one Left Female Hand is held

by a boyfriend’s across a table

while She texts with availability of Right Thumb

next My Daughter breaks into tears

in the kitchen isle of Wall Mart

when I hedge on buying new plates

because I fail to see any

I like

& settle for 2 boxes of 16 piece Zen Plum


in the Light

of My Kitchen