Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Tomato-coloured Couch 9:13pm

He stole That Moment, Bastard

My Daughter was in Her Second Summer

when She waved Good-bye

to a Friend I’ll never see again —

held in Her Father’s Arms

My Little Eliza

mouthed the words

uttering Them distinctly —

They were Two Words

I tried not to hear —

He bastardized that moment

in Her very early speech

as He peeled off

My Darling’s “See Ya!”

& caught Them in His too quick


Hand Over Those Words!

Let Me Use Them

as freely as You Do!

I want My Freedom Back

I’ll never get Eliza’s Moment

but I can try to have My Own

without Your constant reminder

even in a petty catch phrase

which seems to have gained in popularity

since I first heard You sing it out

when you were My Doctor

twenty-five years ago


The Hawk Family Room 4:40pm

I See Our Galaxy

Out My West Window

Filling Up & Out The Sky

Glowing In Its Centre

With What May Be The Sun


The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:41pm

I always said I never lived

with a broken heart,

but My Mother broke My Heart

when She died

twenty years ago,

but I lived

with My Broken Spirit

taken over by God —

God stepped in

— stepped on My Heart —

He made Me see a Shower of Lights

Which did not fill Me

with inner peace

I was restless

not sleeping

years on medication —

I’m still on it —

I cannot drink The Red Wine

of mirth

without sleep disturbance

I need My Sleep

My Peace Restored


The Hawk Portico 1:00pm

I sit to watch the roiling ocean

with a ring around the sun

that wind’s still up —

I’ll put the kettle on