Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: November, 2012


The Hawk West Desk Window 9:20am

Those long black hours

twenty years ago waiting

for My Mother to die

have been replaced

by coffee in The Morning

with My Second Husband

& a carpenter’s quote

for His Library downstairs


The Hawk West Desk Window 9:45pm

Today I have a deal

to sell My Mother’s Grave

That Place She Loved So Dear

is going off to a professional couple

with twelve children

between Them


The Hawk Portico 11:40am

Black Space Kicks /Black Socks

LLBean Ladies Jeans reg. 8

Black Underwear /Push Up Joe Fresh Bra

Black Tan Jay Top  w/applied glitter

3 Silver Chain Bangles /worn left

Wedding /Engagement Diamond Rings /worn left

Quartz Crystal /Diamond Question Mark Ring /worn right

Open Heart Bulova Watch /worn right

Silver Hoop Earrings

Serengeti Eyewear

What’s Happening Now?

Gold & Silver are going Vertical


The Hawk Hallway 9:00am

Today is a beautiful day

for selling an island property

& Hunter awoke with a dream

of David Wilson going sailing

The Hawk Portico 10:30am

Today is Black Friday

& I’ve got an island property

on The Chopping Block

My Realtor is going out to Mc Nutt’s

@ 2 o’clock this sunny high tide

with a prospective buyer from Maine

who’s made His Offer

& paid His Deposit —

He Just Has To See It


I am casting off My Mother’s Houses

I just opened the cupboard door under the sink

here at The Hawk

to dry My Hands on a non-existent towel there

thinking I was in The Shakespeare House


but I’m not — that House

went in September 2011

& I am left with The Island

ready to go at the full asking price

by This Friday —

how many dish towel memories

do I have there?


The Hawk West Desk Window 8:00am

There’s a Picture somewhere

of My Mother’s outboard The Molly

resting at anchor in a pool of faded pink

It must be down in the basement

here at The Hawk

what will I think

when I see It again?


There’s A Galaxy

on My Living Room Window Pane

It sits before an old sunset

tantalizing Me by Its Size:

on What Scale is It as Large

as The Galaxies in Space?

on the bacterial level

or the molecular level

or the neutron, proton, electron level?

Or smaller still?

Will I ever know The Difference

or is there no difference —

Is It All Relative?


The Hawk Portico 2:53pm

I Open Doors

I Close Doors

I Open Another Door

I Close That Door

I Am An Owner of Cats

composed by WHB


The Hawk Portico 3:00pm

The Waves Today Remind Me

of Children Playing

uneven in Their Tumult

sporadic in Their Breaking

Yes, I have read of The Accident

but My Observations

were gathered



The Hawk Kitchen 10:38am

A single splash of spray

out My Kitchen Window

evokes a silent prayer

that I may find relief

in The Changing of Hands

of My Mother’s Island Property —

a property I could never see

as My Own —

even if Peak or Eliza

had It — It would still be

My Mother’s