Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2012


Who Says There Is God?

“I do!  I do!”

But How Do You Know For Sure?

“A Shower of Silver Lights

fell down on My Head”

When Did This Happen?

“March 31st, 1993

in the town of Shelburne Nova Scotia”

What was Your Reaction?

“I was The Second Coming of Christ”

Do You Think The Same Way Now

Nearly Twenty Years Later?

“Well, I don’t want to be linked

to any established religions

but I think I have ideas

about God & Humanity

whose Time Has Come”

Like What Sorts of Ideas?

“Primarily that God & Humanity are one

& that Human Life

which has no beginning and no end

but which can be measured at Conception & Death

is Sacred”


I have just been spoken to

by the augmentation of The Surf:

God Is Trapped By Humanity

Humanity Is Trapped By God



The Waves are merely seductive

They’re keeping Me here

on The Deck

or in The Bedroom with windows open

Last Night I yelled to My Perturbed Husband

I might not write again —

I might go babbling My Head off

whenever & wherever I felt like It —

saying anything I feel

& if I get carted away by The Police

I would just say “Sorry Officer —

I choose to write verbally

& My Delivery is NOT SEDUCTIVE”


My Daughter’s Room is Lavender

“Purple” She calls It

& doesn’t like It

The Carpet is white

with old crayon

from previous kids

She bought new sheets today


& a White Comforter

She said would make

Her hate The Room less

She bought a White Orchid

with Purple in The Centre

& flowers for a heavy glass vase

& here I sit by Her Shaded Window

listening to The Waves


I found My Voice

in Chapters today

rising from the Well–Being section


My Voice was heard

above a wall of five stacks

–counted for My Husband–


“What Does Well–Being



I was That Girl

in a red terry tank top

no bra

gold medallion around My Neck

hair piled upon My Head

legs crossed, long & tan

My Saucy Smile

won My Man

I was eighteen there

& piped the dream

“Living In Nova Scotia”

here — now — on My Deck

in My Brand New LL Beans

belted, shirt tucked in

breasts in place

expecting Peak

& Hunter & maybe Eliza

for Nachos


I turned on The Water

in what’s called Eliza’s Shower

& unbuttoned My LL Bean Rose Striped Linen Shirt

in The Mirror, Eliza’s Mirror

& took off My Grey Capris

which I have to throw out

because My Husband told Me

They go up The Crack of My Butt

I took off My Underwear

& tossed It in Eliza’s Laundry Basket

I took off My Unwieldy Bra

& hung It on a doorknob

How Long Is This Poem Going To Be?

I looked at My Body’s Profile

& decided if I look fat

I am probably about to get My Period

I stepped in behind The Curtain

The Stall was dirty

I put cleanser on a cleaning rag

I cleaned while The Spray was on Me

& rinsed The Tub

My Hair Was Wet

I squeezed out some Nizoral

Red In My Left Hand

& lathered My Hair

The Directions advise to leave It in

for 3-5 minutes

so I stepped back out

to look at My Watch

It told Me I was in The Twenty-second minute

OH!  That’s When I Cleaned The Tub!

I cleaned The Tub & then Me

& rinsed My Hair

& got out

I towelled off in a clean towel

& took My Clothes

back to My Room

to put on Different Clothes

& Do You Know What I Put On?

I put on Black Underwear

My Black Push-up Bra

Black LL Bean Capris w/ Comfort Waist

Black Tank

Silver Earrings

Wedding Rings

Quartz Crystal & Diamond Question Mark Ring

& My Ladies Bulova Open-heart Watch

I bought for My Self


My Son & I

walked on The Hawk Beach

& talked of how humidity

can extend waves of sound

& how The Guzzle

could possibly have moved

from Its former sandy river bed

to parallel The Dunes

& how breeds of dogs

get bred for certain aspects

like liking water

or how foxes were bred

to be domesticated

& how Peak might get a dog

when He goes travelling

& have His Father or Me

look after It when He goes really far away —

My Son & I


Dear Diary —

I watched Eliza

dab at Her Hair in The Dining Room Mirror

& realized “My Daughter Has The Power To Kill”

while I became immortalized

at the age of eighteen

by telling My Only Real Boyfriend:

“You’re Just Another Face, Another Dick”


To Sing The Song of The Hummingbird

I write to say I Saw One Today

buzzing in Our bedraggled Apple

& finding Nothing There

buzzed away beyond The House —

I may never see Its Greenness again

What would Its sight portend?

I drove with Eliza

& Her First Serious Boyfriend Tyler

to La Creamy Treat in Pubnico

on The Highway Home

Two Flying Objects hit the wind shield

Eliza, driving, pronounced “I killed

Two Hummingbirds with One Car –”

Tyler, from The Back Seat

resolutely announced “I saved

A Hummingbird caught in a Spider Web”