by Joanna Gilman Hyde

Joanna Gilman Hyde

 My Host picked Me up in The Late Afternoon

March 31st 1993

I wasn’t ready still in My Bathrobe

My Host patted Me “Don’t worry You can take It off

when We get there — They’ll be Delighted”

We arrived early

at Windows On The World

at the coat check where men without jackets

borrow jackets I disrobed

walked in on The Arm of My Host

to be seated at A Table for Three

My Host coaxed “What would You like to drink?”

“I Think Old-fashioned” It came

It came again and We switched

to Champagne

The Menus appeared

I couldn’t make up My Mind

My Host had to indicate The Appetizer:

Oysters On The Half Shell and Someone

dropped in A Pearl for Me to find

for Me to contemplate

I turned The Pearl in My Mind

questioning Its Meaning while

My Host laughed

“That’s Nothing!”

On Came The…

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