"Good Morning, World!"


Notice to my readers:

Self Organizing Galaxy

has been named, with citation

for a New York Times article,

on the Wikipedia page for

Original Building

5 World Trade Center

Thanks to blogger C. Chagall


The Hawk Deck 6:07pm

I have habituated My Self

to picking up My Black Book

& looking inside

while waves sound out

by The Hawk Beach –

I am not a loner

I live with a man

yet I have known

several hearts

I have broken

though One resides with Me

upon which there will be

no desecration


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:30pm

I Spent The Evening

Drenched In Sky

With Flecks Of Cloud

Grey & Gold

Swimming Before Me

Behind My Eyes


The Hawk Deck 7:30pm

I will wear mantles of mauve

purple & blue

turning My Insides out

by the beach-side

rolling in colours

of water & flesh

I will walk on sand

of a trillion suns

& rest, nap in the shade

of My Hands


The Hawk Deck 9:30am

Will My Poems Be

For A Later Time

When All We Have

Is The Future?


The Past Is Merely

In Our Minds –

Locked In Perhaps

Distorted –


But What Will My Poems Say

To New Generations

Who Will Perhaps

Think Like “Eye”?


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:48pm

I Am God

I Am The Only God

I Know

please do not punish Me

for what I think

I think with My Brain

with My Body

& It is the only

Brain & Body

I Know


Summerville Beach August 17th 4:04pm

The Female Or-

gasm Is The Sound Of Un-

iversal Sea Shore


Summerville Beach August 18th 10:15pm

drinking my 3rd cup of coffee

with wave upon wave

The Light Of Silver

follows me

out on the water

into my view

into my veins




The Hawk Deck 11:11am

This Morning I Rose

To My Red Vase Of Roses

Pooling On The Floor


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:11pm

I will wrap My Self

in fields of grey

& carry across My Life

a shield

to arm My Self

with all I pray

& treasure close

My Strength

to wield


The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:11pm

Doctors & Nurses are The Stewards

of The Dying

& when The Dying finally


The Dead get off easy

(as My Daughter said)


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