"Good Morning, World!"


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:11pm

I will tell You People

what kinda God I Am

& see if You can understand

Me –

I Am Serious

I Am NOT Serene

I am Factual, NOT based

on Faith –

based on Reason

as I Am Your Reason

for Schizophrenia

I Am The Light

of Silver,

NOT Gold

I have shown up

to stir This World up

from Its Legacy

of Bull Shit

It Is Time

for Me –

not to be believed

but to be KNOWN

I make My Announcement


to establish The Fact

that The Human Mind

can be



*My Husband just gave Me the book So This Is Permanence

by Ian Curtis of Joy Division

“There Is NO Fooling Around”

Dear DVD:

I got your message

while I was eating My Spaghetti:

There Is NO Fooling Around

I know this now & I feel

We have entered 

a Completely New Phase

in This, Our

22nd Year

Facing My Back Door

The Hawk Outpost 6:40pm

I am The Wisps of Gold

turning Pink

as The Clock turns

turning Grey

to Early Evening White

as a deer with antlers

grazes in My Back Yard

Facing My Black Star

The Hawk Living Room 2:22pm

I Am The Fury

The Black Heat Of Possession



The Purple Heart

Of My Third Child


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:30pm

I am That Infant

born of Childhood Playmates

Who should never have married

carried in the arms

of Dr Albert Schweitzer

forever held in a black & white photograph

hanging in The Dining Room

of Dr W Hunter Blair


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:15pm

I have painted

The Sacred Heart

The Bon Jovi Heart

The Broken Heart

of My Third Child


I have painted

The Silver Lights

of My Black Star




beyond Me


The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:30pm

Here I sit

in Nova Scotia

Land O’ My Dreams

with the salt fog

wafting past My Living Room


My Husband has joined Me

on The Tomato-coloured Couch

where I often write

to avail My Self

of every opportunity

here in seclusion

to realize

My Public Life


The Tomato-coloured Couch 9:11pm

I Am The Lady In Black

and charcoal grey

Who likes to write

about Her Self

as The Transformation

The Growth

from a thirty-something

mental patient

badly misunderstood

tortuously disbelieved



Of Prominence

in Her Local Community

and about to hit

at 54

The World  At Large


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:20am

I am at The Zenith

of My Life

lost poems aside –

I have arrived

at home

in warm Silver negligee

coffee in The Morning

with A Day Ahead

for anything


The Hawk Window Seat 4:05pm

What Motivates The Bird

To Fly?

Is It Just That He

Has Wings?

Or Is It The Longing

For Companionship

That Keeps Him

In His School



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