"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Dining Room 10:44am

I watch the roiling ocean

still ramped up

after My Halo Scene last night

when I demanded of My Husband

Did He Know What Kind of Person He Was Dealing With —

or not:

A Witch or An Angel

Who brought down

The Twin Towers

with a flower?


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:40am

I Am The Black Angel

when I see My Halo

I shit on My Husband

castigating Him

until He loves Me

no longer


The Hawk Kitchen 12:25pm

Stuck inside a snow globe

looking through Her Sliding Glass Doors

to The Ferocity of Earth

laid out before

Her Feet

seen from above

— or any angle for that matter —

She has six cats

two grown children

two husbands under Her Belt —

She dashes off poetry

as if The World

is All Hers


The Hawk Corner Room 12:06pm

My Grandfather married

a Southern Belle

named Josephine Elizabeth Meadow

Who grew magnificent gardens

& cooked macaroni and cheese

She stood beside Her Nasturtiums

in a bright orange house coat

& sang Me a song

“Sweetest Little Joge —

Everybody Knows

Everywhere She goes

She’s Mighty Like A Rose”


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:50am

When’s it gonna come out

that I spawned 9/11?

When My Hair’s grown out

or when I open My Big Mouth

& tell The World

I lied?


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:38am

Nothing tragic will happen

to Me

I am not made of that stuff

I am tough

& love The World too much

to suffer any further loss

or strife

My Mind is safe

from shifting tides

& I reside

in a perfect house

looking out

to sea


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:55am

When I woke this morning

the sky was reddish gold

purple cloud over the sun now

but I have the trash out

& the coffee steeps

Last night I told My Hair to grow

while I sleep

& It has


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:42pm

Oh Hair Grow

when I inhale the fur

of My Big Black Astro

Oh Hair when I cut You off

22 years ago

how could I have known

I would have the love for You

that I do now?

You would be My Greatest Comfort —

I will gleefully brush You

braid You, pin You decoratively

care for You with balsamic solutions —

every follicle I own on My Head

please be rejuvenated and never

turn back to the darkness

of severity of Truth —

I want to live My Dream

& My Dream is You flying,

whipping Your Golden Fabrication

around My Shoulders

protecting Me as a mantel

of Hope & Love

for This World

of Happiness

We need so badly


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:39am

It is a still

good morning

on The Hawk

I will be on My Rowing Machine

before having a rudimentary blood test

& then to visit

My Mother-in-law

Who’s son, My First Husband

is off to Aruba

for a month


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:16pm

I will wear My Hair

in a braid at My Side

an appendage of strength

never to be pulled in jest

held in place by coloured bands

complimenting My Face

decorating My Self

for the admiration

of women as well

as men


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